The Truth About Craze Supplement

Craze Supplement has been everywhere lately. For the last couple years I had heard nothing but great reviews on how effective it was. Speaking to Bodybuilders, Performance Athletes, and Fitness Models gave me the impression that this was to losing weight what Creatine was to gaining muscle. People had fantastic things to say about it then, but like most seemingly good things, there’s a hitch.

Reading through comments about Craze Supplement on will make you believe that it’s an extremely effective energy booster. Users say that it gives them a boost without the anxiety, “crash”, or mood swings associated with some of the other pre workout energy supplements. As someone looking to get back in shape, I read through these user generated reviews and thought it sounded great but decided to look into it a little further. I’m glad I did and I’m glad I came across this product now instead of a few months ago.

As of a few months ago there were only rumors that it may contain mysterious substances, as is likely with many related products. Many out there believe that if you’re taking something in powder or pill form, it’s not natural and should be avoided so they write articles before real science gets to test the issue. I tend to prefer the natural method as well but I am a man of science and saw Craze Supplement as a short term solution to help me lose weight.

As a man of science, I pressed on doing my research. The first thing to pop out to me was an article in USA today about finding a “Meth-like Substance” within Craze Supplement. They had me at “meth.” The company that produces Craze, Driven Sports, has said the testing done by both Harvard and an independant South Korean team that also found meth-like substances is innacurate with their information. They are saying that what Scientists are seeing is a similar compound but entirely different substance.

The FDA has no real authority over supplements and vitamins, so I write this article as a precaution to those interested. There is a risk involved. Since I’ve started researching this topic and simultaneously getting back in shape, I’ve seen a lot of success going back to the more “natural” way of doing things. I’ve been drinking a ton of water and right before a workout I will drink a nice big cup of black iced coffee. Caffeine has it’s own issues but at least we know a lot more about it than whatever might be in Craze Supplement.

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